2006-11-08 - night

New homepage address

Because GeoCities is closing next month, I've had to move my website. I have a proper domain name now -- aaronofmpls.com -- so please update your bookmarks if you've got any. (The old site will remain up until GeoCities closes.)

I also made some minor updates to all pages on the new site (like removing the "This page hosted by GeoCities" notes at the bottom). It took a while, but it's finally done! (for now)
2001-06 - after HS graduation


I was Wikipedia-surfing during a break in class tonight. Looking up elevators led me to somewhat unusual kind of elevator: the paternoster

Also known as a cyclic elevator, a paternoster is an elevator made of open compartments mounted on a continuously-moving chain. The name comes from its being looped like a rosary (and possibly from the urge to say a quick prayer if you're nervous about stepping onto or off of a moving elevator car :-) ). Paternosters used to be fairly common in Europe (because they can move more people per unit time than a standard elevator), particularly in colleges and univertities, but most have been shut down due to safety concerns. There are still a few around, though -- some on the Continent (particularly in Germany and parts of eastern Europe), and a few in the UK (at the Universities of Sheffield, Essex, and Leicester).

More about them at Wikipedia and TheElevatorMuseum.org.

There are also lots of YouTube videos of them. Here are a few:

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And there are a ton more where those came from. :-)

Too bad (but understandable) there aren't any paternosters on this side of the Atlantic.
2007-02-20 - sunglasses

Kitty update

Our cat Sousa seems to be doing better now. He's eating now, so whatever nose/sore throat problem was stopping him seems to have abated, and he's not hiding in a corner any more. He still has the IV hookup thing in his arm (for now, just in case) and he's still bony from not eating, but I think he's going to be ok.

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Non-cat news to follow when I feel like writing more.
2007-03-26 - shadows

In other news...

Our cat Sousa has been sick lately. He caught some kind of upper respiratory virus when Dad took him to the vet for a checkup, and he's very reluctant to eat or drink anything. He fought back more tonight, though, when Dad gave him his eyedropper-full of preventative antibiotics (and several of water), so I think he's getting a bit better. We're still worried about him not eating, though (his nose is stuffy so he's reluctant to eat what he can't smell) -- too many days without food is not so good for cats' livers, and his test results from the original checkup were a little off.

Poor kitty... *sniff*