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R.I.P., my VW... - Aaron's LJ [Friends -- Individuals] [Friends -- Groups] [Friends -- Feeds] [Homepage of Aaron of Minneapolis] [Aaron's Sims Page] [Aaron's Yahoo! profile]
April 28, 2007
4:19 am
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R.I.P., my VW...
Well, I think my car has finally died; on Wednesday I couldn't get it started after work, so I had to call a tow truck. The ring gear (that part of the engine/transmission that the starter gears into) is worn out, so the starter won't mesh with it any more; said ring gear is actually welded to the torque converter and not the flywheel (unlike on manual-transmission VWs); and it'd still cost more time and money to fix it than it's worth. We've been checking the car listings; we've found a few cars worth checking out, and hopefully one of them will pan out.

Anyway, as a kind of memorial, I've posted some pics of my car and me from 2004 thru 2006.

Car pics...

My car on Grimm Rd. in Carver Park, Victoria, MN. 2004-08-26.

My car in another part of Carver Park. 2005-04-05.

My car and me in Jordan, MN. 2005-07-08.

My car and (loinclothed) me. 2005-07-19.

My car and me, at Hwy. 41 in Chanhassen, MN. 2005-07-27.

My car and (loinclothed) me again. 2006-07-30.

My car and (loinclothed) me at my favorite walking place; also my most recent worthwhile exterior shot of my car. 2006-08-02.

I might take a few last pics of my car this weekend. And hopefully I'll be able to show off a newer and better car soon, too. :-)

R.I.P, my old VW -- we had some good times (and trips) together.

Update - April 29, 2007 - 1:58 AM: Not so dead after all; see my next post.

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