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March 14, 2007
4:12 am
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More about one of my interests...
If you've read my profile, you may have noticed that I listed loincloths as one of my interests. You may have also noticed I mentioned that interest in my bio. Well...

I've been into loincloths to one degree or another since I was a kid. I've long had a fascination for primitive tribes and early humans, and I'd always though breechcloth-clad American Indians were cool -- The Indian in the Cupboard was one of my favorite fiction books growing up. I've also been a bit of a fan of Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian -- though I mostly read nonfiction and a little science fiction and mysteries, the Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan novels and Robert E. Howard's Conan stories are some of the few pieces of "other" fiction I read.

When I was young, I made makeshift loincloths out of two shirts, before I realized there was a part that went through the crotch area as well, and not just flaps. When I was in middle school, I made a kind of breechcloth out of some old, worn-out pajama pants by splitting one leg at the seams and crudely sewing the two halves of the leg together end-to-end to make it long enough -- I used it to play at being a primitive tribesman in the privacy of my room. But my interest eventually subsided as other things attracted my attention.

Then, in early 2004, I discovered a website and a Yahoo group devoted to all things loincloth. I bought some fabric from a fabric store, made a breechcloth-style loincloth, and hit some trails. I've been at it every spring thru fall ever since. :-) I've also often brought a digital camera with me, to take pictures of the landscape and my loinclothed self in it. It's not really a sexual thing (though it could be if I wanted it to) -- mostly I just like to be "in touch" with where I am. For similar reasons, I go shirtless a lot in warm weather, and I like driving with my car windows open.

The loincloth website I mentioned still exists -- called KLS - The Loincloth Site, it has pics, plenty of info, some links, and a message board. As for Yahoo groups, I'm not as active in the original loincloth Yahoo group as I used to be, but I've been in another loincloth-themed Yahoo group since late 2004 (co-owner since 2005), and I have a personal group for my own loincloth pics as well. (EDIT, 2009-11-04: I also have a loincloth section, Aaron's Loincloth Pages, at my website.)

Below is a compilation of some pics I've taken between 2004 and 2006 -- click the thumbnail to see it.


Dates of the pics within the compilation, and details of the loincloths:
  • Top row, left to right:

    • 2004-08-26 -- On a dock. My first "proper" loincloth (after the worn-out-pajamas one) -- a white woven material, held up by a string of leftover material tied around my waist. I wore a few 'cloths like it in 2004, but they've sat around since then.

    • 2005-07-09 -- On the shore of a lake. My preferred loincloth style in 2005 and early 2006 -- brown cotton lycra, held up by an old leather belt. The leather belt doesn't like to get wet, so in the water I often traded it for a thin strip of leftover brown lycra tied around my waist.

    • 2005-09-21 -- In the same lake as previous. A wider 'cloth, but still the same brown cotton lycra. I used a larger, less cropped version of this pic in a photo contest that year.

    • 2005-09-30 -- In a stream. Still the same 'cloth and headband.

  • Middle row, left to right:

    • 2006-05-17 -- At a different lake. Near one of my preferred walking spots. Still the brown cotton lycra 'cloth.

    • 2006-05-17 -- On the rocks. I might've used this in a photo contest too, but it was canceled that year.

    • 2006-06-01 -- Roar. Another place I like, but can't get to very often.

    • 2006-07-06 -- On a porch. At a historic house -- lots of woods and fields around here. Note the clay medallion -- inscribed with fake ancient symbols, I made it in art class back in middle school, but it took me until 2006 to find a good use for it!

  • Bottom row, left to right:

    • 2006-07-21 -- Against the sky. A different loincloth this time, inspired by a page called The Loincloth of Borneo. It's about 3 or 4 yards long. One end hangs down in front, while the other end wraps around the waist a couple times, then gets pulled under to make a back flap. It's similar to the Borneo kind, except I pull the back flap through instead of making a slipknot loop. It's made from a different knit material I found in the bargain bin. I have a couple more like it, and it's my new favorite loincloth style. Notice that medallion again.

    • 2006-08-02 -- Wild on the trail. This is on the same trail as the previous pic, but at different place.

    • 2006-08-02 -- At the ruins. These barn ruins are farther along the trail. There are a couple of smaller, old stone buildings nearby, one of which is used as a trail shelter and warming house.

    • 2006-08-11 -- Wild in a field. Same place as the "roar" pic -- almost. I left my sandals near the camera. BTW, going barefoot in the grass feels pretty darn good!

And one last pic -- again, click the thumbnail.


Date and details:
  • 2006-11-08 -- In the woods. Taken on an unusually warm November evening. I'd planned to get out sooner, but the sun sets earlier that time of year, so dark overtook me.

I'll probably post more pics in future entries, once it gets warm enough outside for me to go take some more.

*looks at clock* Darn, it it that late already? :-) I need to get to bed!

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Date:June 19, 2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
How exactly did you make your loincloth?

I'm intrigued, since I've tried to figure out how to make my own occasionally, with no success.
[User Picture]
Date:July 13, 2009 11:54 am (UTC)
Sorry for responding so late.

I bought several yards of cloth from a fabric store, and cut it to the right width (about 10-15 inches/25-38 cm) and length (depends on what kind). I tend to buy cotton lycra if I can find it, but use whatever you find comfortable.

For the one-piece wraparound kind I usually wear, see this tutorial I wrote a while back. Putting this kind on can be difficult at first, but I've done it so often that I can practically do it in my sleep.

For a belt-supported one (more of a breechcloth), see the diagram and description on this page at native-languages.org and some of the advice on this page at Karsten's site. About 2 yards/1.8 m is a good length of material for this kind; it's best to err on the long side and trim it to length.
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Date:September 11, 2009 6:37 am (UTC)
My site has moved, so here's an updated link to my tutorial. The old link will still work until late October.
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