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Obscure LJ interests meme - Aaron's LJ — LiveJournal [Friends -- Individuals] [Friends -- Groups] [Friends -- Feeds] [Homepage of Aaron of Minneapolis] [Aaron's Sims Page] [Aaron's Yahoo! profile]
July 16, 2008
2:20 am
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Obscure LJ interests meme
Swiped from ranka, this applet goes through your more obscure LJ interests and sees what those few other people are interested in.

Based on the LJ interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in:

1. seti score: 4
2. chuck klosterman score: 4
3. match game score: 4
4. anthropomorphic art score: 4
5. naturism score: 3
6. green anarchy score: 3
7. card sharks score: 3
8. gay bears score: 3
9. northern california score: 3
10. hot springs score: 3
11. interstate highways score: 3
12. primitivism score: 3
13. gay furs score: 3
14. road signs score: 3
15. men in kilts score: 3
16. musclebears score: 3
17. alternative living score: 2
18. ethnographies score: 2
19. red swingline staplers score: 2
20. countdown with keith olbermann score: 2

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Not surprisingly, some are fairly close (road signs, naturism), some are not so much (gay furs, chuck klosterman (I don't even know who that is!)). Still interesting, though.

Red swingline staplers? :-)

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