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Aaron's LJ

Updated whenever. :-)

Aaron of Minneapolis
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A quick list:
  • I was born in November 1982.

  • I've lived in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, my whole life. I still live there with my dad and my brother.

  • I drive a 1996 VW Passat. (My old car was a 1992 VW Passat, with a 1990 engine and transmission. Some pictures of it can be found in this entry.)

  • I've always been into architecture, especially old houses and old buildings. This Old House was one of my favorite TV shows growing up.

  • I've always liked maps, and I have a particular fascination for old maps -- especially if I have a current map to compare them to.

  • I'd rather find an address or intersection on the map myself than follow someone else's directions -- especially verbal directions.

  • In school, I used to draw old buildings and maps of fictional cities and towns.

  • I learned to read at a young age and have been reading ever since -- mostly science, history, and some well-chosen science fiction.

  • My favorite author is Isaac Asimov.

  • I've had long hair since high school -- it hasn't been much shorter than shoulder length since 1999, and it's often been significantly longer.

  • I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome around 8th or 9th grade (before which, my diagnosis was pretty much "question mark"). I describe it as like having a Macintosh brain in a Windows PC world -- not wrong, just different, and there can be compatibility issues when sharing data across platforms. :-) More on that in an essay at my website, which I wrote back in high school. (There's also my results from an online Aspie Quiz.)

  • Despite the previous comment, I am not a Mac user. I've used Macs before, but I prefer PCs.

  • I like wearing a loincloth on long nature walks -- more bare skin means I feel more "in touch" with where I am. (I find it a good compromise between being clothed and being naked.) For more information, see this LJ entry or this page.

  • For similar reasons (more "in touch"), I tend to go shirtless as much as possible in warm weather, and prefer driving with my car windows open.

  • I was working in retail until August 2008, and am currently job-searching again. I have also been taking architectural drafting classes at Hennepin Technical College.

  • Online, I sometimes hang out in the virtual worlds of There and Second Life. More about that on my There and Second Life page.

  • I also play World of Warcraft sometimes. See my WoWWiki userpage for details.

I'll probably add more to this in the future. Stay tuned if you want to. :-)

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aaron_of_mpls aaron_of_mpls
User Number: 11876428
Date Created: 2006-12-22
Number of Posts: a few

Aaron of Minneapolis is a goofy long-haired guy who reads a lot. His interests include architecture, old buildings, science, history, and maps. He enjoys long walks, summer days up at the lake, and driving around Minnesota in his Volkswagen. He often wears a loincloth on long nature walks.
Strengths: Intelligent, logical (thanks to his Asperger Syndrome). Has a sense of humor and a sense of the ridiculous. Is good at figuring things out. Remembers what he reads. Is good at math. Is good at following maps.
Weaknesses: A bit socially inept at times (thanks to his Asperger Syndrome). Non-athletic and slightly klutzy. Sometimes has difficulty thinking ahead. Tends to either freak out or shut down under stress. Occasionally his long hair or his loincloth get caught on things.
Special Skills: Can draw buildings and maps quite well. Knows all of the "alphabet streets" in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park, MN.
Weapons: Intelligence, knowledge, logic, sometimes a walking stick. Might get a bow or a spear someday.
Motto: A good pun is its own re-word. :-)

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